Posted On: Wed, 23 Jan 2019 11:42 PM

Reachfield IT has managed to get pre-approved grants of 50% from Enterprise Singapore.

This grant is to provide IT solutions focusing on Visitor Management System, Vehicle Enforcement Parking and Remote Assistance Platform for companies in the Facilities Management and Security Agencies sector.

With implementation of the solutions, the company can benefit with increased operational efficiency and productivity. Thus, it shall allow key functions to be focussed and executed in a timely manner.

You can view the video below to have a better understanding of our total suite of solutions.


Posted On: Wed, 06 Jul 2016 07:04 AM

Reachfield IT is glad to annouce our recent endorsement in our SaaS platform certified with MTCS SS584 cloud security level 1.  This certification is endorsed by IMDA and accredited by SAC. We are pleased to have TUV SUD as our certification body who has maintained the highest level of integrity and transparency during our audit.

With this certification, Reachfield IT wants our customers to have the thrust and confidence in our solution works delivered to them in good quality and standards.

We are one of the 20+ IT software solution companies in Singapore awarded with MTCS.

case study - reachfield v10.pdf


Posted On: Wed, 07 Oct 2015 07:37 AM

NParks adopted Reachfield IT Solutions Pte Ltd’s cloud computing services, which offered access to multiple users and allowed for scalability.



  • Lower infrastructural requirements

  • Easily scalable computing system

  • No need for hardware maintenance

national parks board - case study - cloud 2016.pdf


Posted On: Thu, 13 Aug 2015 07:54 PM

Reachfield IT is proud to be invited by the association in collaboration with 3M Singapore to participate on the inventory tracking of the stamp exhibits using 3M RFID technology and our middleware solution.

Our established middleware platform (RIMS) serves the association during this event to manage and track the valuable assets in a timely and efficient manner.

With browser based and device based ready, our users are not restricted  by the physical boundaries. Using a 3G dongle connection, we are able to perform the activities to our solution over the internet cloud.

Our comprehensive set of key modules written in Java, J2EE , powered by Oracle MYSQL DB and Reachfield IT's java framework are designed and built to withstand the demanding needs from our users.

Loan Management
Loan Management is a module that will be used for loan and return transactions for items. This module will consist of one or more user forms that enable its users to perform transactions for the issuance of items for loans and the return of which.

Item Management
Item Management is a module that will be used to manage item as assets. This module holds information about the items, their status (on loan / in store), and location. It also enables users to register item into the system.

StockTake  Management
StockTake  Management is a module that the users to initiate a stocktake exercise. This module holds information about the items and the data is exported out.  The exported data is imported to a handheld digital assistant scanner for performing the stocktake of the items.  The collected data will be extracted from the hardware and then imported back to the module.  A comparision report will be generated to indicate the status of item.

Self-Service  is a module that will be used to for users to perform the own issuance and return of the items. This module holds information about the items, their status (on loan / in store), and location. It also enables users to DIY the transactions of each item into the system.

RFID Registration
Registering the RFID Tag attached to the item.


Integrate with RFID mobile reader and barcode scanner.

Report Generation

The report will be available in Excel as a downloadable format. The contents and format of each report shall be finalized during the requirements gathering stage.

Administration Module
This module is intended for the administrator role to allow management of system users.


Posted On: Thu, 13 Aug 2015 07:41 PM

Reachfield IT is pleased to be awarded with the project from ISEAS to develop a Digital Library solution platform for the institution to manage their valuable vast collections of digital assets.  These assets can be easily administered by the internal staff and later disseminated to the public depending on the access rights and control.

The digital contents are optimised to provide good quality viewing and easy access to it.

We have completed this project and launched the system in March 2017.



Posted On: Sat, 25 Jan 2014 11:24 AM

StarHub and Reachfield IT has partnered together to offer the best of breed cloud platform, solution and technology for the IDA(T)-1152 - Cloud-based Video Hosting and Streaming Services.

With StarHub proven cloud platform technology coupling with Reachfield IT VOD and LIVE streaming technologies, Reachfield IT combines the cream of the crop technologies and provides a stable, scalable and robust solution to our existing customers in both government and schools.

The videos here are seamlessly embedded from our Net Video Cloud application and put here for your viewings to understand and experience our work.

StarHub Smart Pipe technology


StarHub Device Manager technology


StarHub Low Latency technology


The Game Changer in Media Transcoding

This web based platform offers an effective On-Demand Video delivery services to multiple modal hardware ranging from desktops, smartphones and tablets. By leveraging on Open Standard technologies, the platform is capable of controlling and managing contents to maximize the return on Digital Contents.

We provide an enriching digital environment delivering multimedia capabilities adaptively on the internet cloud to save cost on CDN.  CDN only provides the content distribution to the local territory.  But it does not handle the delivery to the last mile efficiently especially when it comes to video.

With SMP, you are able to seamlessly and cost-effectively disseminate your collection of rich-media contents. SMP creates a single 'layered' source file that can adapt automatically to the device and bandwidth of end users.

With that, you can have a single file that is playable on any device with uninterrupted video streaming.

It is an online video encoding and video player deployment/hosting service, specifically optimized for the newest enhancements with HTML5 and the SMP technology. The main purpose of the service is to make it easy for anyone to get optimal video compression quality without much, if any, client-side technical awareness of the video encoding process. The encoded video can be playbacked to any platform.

We believe that you will be delightfully surprised to see some of our latest innovations in both delivery and performance across heterogeneous platform.



Posted On: Mon, 07 Oct 2013 01:37 PM

To spur greater productivity among industry, MPTC (Manufacturing Productivity Technology Centre) launched an event on 3rd Oct 2013 with organisations and industry partners including the Institute of Technical Education, GS1 Singapore and local system integrators, as technology partners to roll-out productivity improvement initiatives to benefit the local industries.  In this MOU signing ceremony, Reachfield IT proud to have partcipatedas a signatory at this event to emphasise our commitment to this partnership.

Reachfield IT's experiences and the knowledge of using RFID to improve productivity and efficiency to companies from manufacturing, logistics, aerospace, healthcare, transport and service industries will be helpful in deployment of innovative solutions and platforms for their usage.

To know more about MPTC, you can visit their website -



Posted On: Mon, 19 Nov 2012 10:57 AM

Small and medium enterprises are discovering that they do not necessarily have to put in a huge R&D investment to come up with technology innovations. Instead, they can take the alternative route of licensing technologies from local research institutes to differentiate themselves from their competitors. 

Some of these licensing stories were shared at Media Exploits 2012, an annual exhibition cum forum organised by Exploit Technologies Pte Ltd (ETPL), the technology transfer arm of the Agency for Science and Technology Research (A*STAR). 

Source : IN.SG

Link :


Posted On: Thu, 01 Nov 2012 10:48 PM

VISION - Next Frontier for Digital Video

Reachfield IT Solutions will showcase application solutions for our customers in the government, education and private sectors. We will launch a cloud service - Net Video Cloud in partnership with StarHub Ltd and I2R-A*STAR. The video-on-demand service provisioning infrastructure is powered by StarHub’s Argonar Cloud , I2R-A*STAR’s Scalable Multimedia Platform.



Posted On: Sat, 01 Sep 2012 10:31 PM

i2r has invited Reachfield IT Solutions Pte Ltd to participate in the event.  We will showcase our suite of solutions utilising i2r - SMP technology and other solutions in relation to our digital asset management domain.


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