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Do you want to manage and gain control of your visitors to your premise through standalone or cloud-based solutions that provide flexibility and ease of use ?

Our cloud based solutions can acquire reports and data sets from the visitations from multiple locations to gain knowledge and insights as well as performing actionable decisions.

This tablet-based visitor registration and management platform checks in and verifies visitors while notifying hosts, thereby, improving both security and efficiency in a single process.

It is an enterprise multi sites solution that can be implemented within offices, schools, stores, banks, and even airports. It is a fully digitized system that consolidates the check-in process by capturing images of visitors for facial recognition (optional), sending visitor notifications (customisation), printing custom visitor slips, and collecting signatures (customisation) - all from one single screen through a few quick taps.

The solution is developed in-house by Reachfield IT with full control of the source code and it can be quickly molded to any client's needs and can easily tackle even the most robust requirements from large enterprises. Attentive to detail, it has all the tools in its arsenal to ensure full compliance with global standards as well as enterprise-grade data integrity.

We are a cloud IT Security certified company (MTCS) and comply with PDPA guidelines.

On the backend, it allows admin users to input pre-registered visitors into the system and awaiting for their arrival by scanning the ID or the e-ticket issued by the system to the visitor via email. It also provides management function to housekeep the hosts information, and purpose of visit information. These information are key to the VMS in determing the purpose of visit and the hosting party.

Here is a video demo of the self service mode. You can download the pdf from the attachment shown below.


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