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Static or in-motion assets tracking or locating, like a file registry facility or record management facility is always not an easy task. 

User can instantly determine the general location of tagged assets anywhere within the facility with the help of active RFID technology. Control point detection zones at strategic locations throughout the facility allow the user to define logical zones and monitor high traffic areas. Tagged assets moving through these control points provide instant location data.

Asset (Files) tracking applications will see an almost vertical growth curve in the coming years and the growth rate in this area will be much higher than the growth rate of general RFID market. 

Availability of large amount of file documents brings lots of problem in document management system. An RFID file document-tracking system saves time and money by substantially reducing: 

  1. 1.Time spent searching for lost document 

  2. 2.The financial and legal impact associated with losing documents.

Use of barcode and electromagnetic strips are common implementation to track various assets. RFID technology substitute for reading these barcodes and RFID readers can read multiple items simultaneously. This reduces queues and increases the number of loans or returns using self-check, which in turn will reduce the staff necessary at the department. 

With the ever-increasing spotlight on the management of both physical and electronic records, organizations are increasingly seeking comprehensive, integrated records management solutions.

Implementing disparate applications managing independent content repositories, many organizations fail regulatory compliance and risk major corporate records failure points.

For these reasons, government agencies are increasingly looking towards companies like Reachfield IT Solutions Pte Ltd for complete life-cycle records management software and services. Tracking agency records from personnel to accounting to projects to contracts, Reachfield IT’s software and compliance methodologies reflect records management best practices including managing retention schedules at multiple levels.

Reachfield IT has a hybrid of physical and electronic file management solution incorporating with 3M RFID hardware and tags. Our solution namely File Document Management System (FDMS) is a fully browser thin client implementation capable of delivering the solution seamlessly with minimal disruption to the existing workstation.

FDMS is a SOE compliant web based solution capable of meeting the organisation’s IT standards. It handles file/volume creation, tracking, retention, archival and search capabilities to better track the file movements and status. As well as reporting function to enable generation of file movement statistics, file holdings by general users/officer and audit trail references. FDMS provides greater ease of usage (e.g. enhanced workflow with useful email notifications and reminders and ability to interface or integrate with optional applications such as Single Sign-On (SSO) and Document Management System (DMS).  FDMS encompasses the entire life cycle of physical records, from creation through final disposition.

To have a better understanding of our solution, you can watch this short video clip.  It will give you an overview of it's capability and features.


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