Posted On: Tue, 30 Oct 2012 02:17 PM


DRAMS is robust and scalable due to the adoption of J2EE framework.  It is hardware independent and operating system independent.  Your investment in DRAMS will be protected and non-proprietary.  It will lower the organisation’s total cost of ownership (TCO).

User friendly tab-driven interface and comprehensive search facilities to navigate the vast information of digital resources.  A cataloguing process will be followed upon gathering more information about the item which will be entered into the system via the catalogue module.  Access control will be applied accordingly to the requirements of the user.  Certain information can be viewed or edited by certain users accoridng to the access control rules.

To have a better understanding of our DRAMS solutions, you can watch this short video clip.  It will give you an overview of it's capability and features.


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