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Reachfield's cloud based video repository and transcoding platform (Net Video Cloud) will convert regular videos to cutting-edge optimized videos using cloud platform to deliver video contents seamlessly to users in reasonable quality.

We partner with StarHub Ltd and is awarded by IDA to deliver Cloud Video Hosting and Streaming services to all government agencies and schools in the bulk tender IDA-T1152 in 2014 and subsequently renewed in 2016 under IDA-T1378.

It shall empower enterprise applications or websites with a Full Video Experience across heterogenous devices.  Storage, bandwidth and CPU resources shall be transparent to you to give assurance of quality of service, and minimize the burden on you to manage the infra-structure.

Your video and rich-media needs, including transcoding, uploading and importing content, hosting and streaming on Reachfield's cloud servers.

One of the first Java based video platforms for video management, creation, interaction and collaboration to other applications making video-on-demand operations simple and easy to use. The platform also includes unique features like LIVE broadcasting capabilities and smart searching engine based on images, text or audio in the near feature. 

Together with A*STAR Institute of Infocomm and Research (i2r) and StarHub Ltd (StarHub), we are providing a video repository platform over the internet. This platform is powered by StarHub's Argonar Cloud infra-structure, Reachfield’s web framework technology and i2r’s Scalable Multimedia Platform (SMP). Reachfield licensed i2r’s SMP technology, incorporate it into our solutions and deployed into StarHub Argonar.

To have a better understanding of our Cloud Video Management solution, you can watch this short video clip.  It will give you an overview of it's capability and features.

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