Posted On: Mon, 15 Jul 2013 09:13 PM

The CPMS solution provides an easy to access, unified, end to end ecosystem for print vendors, print buyers, corporate customers, resellers and your own branches.

Leveraging on mature internet and cloud technology, the effective On-Demand services will be online 24x7 without fail and thus be able to generate and manage the business all the time.

Our SaaS business model allows you to leverage on our affordable solutions in various options. Bronze, Silver and Gold packages will be offered to you and bringing you the following key features :-

1. Improved Workflow

2. Semi-automatic tracking which leads to improved efficiency

3. Shorter lead times

4. Optimise use of labour and materials

5. Customer data will be easier to access

6. Quicker response to customers on quotation and work schedules

7. Overall increase in productivity in the company

8. Improvements in order assignments, machine tracking, reports on per job profitability

With CPMS, 90% of printers can use it without any customisation.  It is an easy and straight forward solution for printers to manage and function their business.  Our solution can cater to Small, Medium or Large set-ups, not just digital on demand or small printers.  A large set-up would have the means in setting up, but the costs in hosting and managing an online system is still prohibitive.

The focus of our solution is enabling a printer with minimum knowledge or costs to achieve the following objectives :

1)    E-enable a website – a printer’s website at best has a HTML for enquiries, most are for information that nobody read. With our solution, the buyer can place order online and track confirmed orders.

2)    E-Commerce a website – easily transforming a printer’s website from just info to submission to interactive/interaction on print buying.  Printer can setup discount code for certain promotion and upload banners at their own convenience to put up advertisements.

3)    E-Portal a website – making the webpage an entry point for RFQs, Tracking, Feedback, etc.

4)    E-empower the print buyers – create RFQs that turn into Job orders with the specifications intact. Participate in the Workflow, from acceptance, online payment to delivery.

There are established applications for printing in Estimation, MIS, ERP, Proofing, Accounting, etc. These can be online or offline, but none communicates with the customers. We would like to think that Cloud Print Management System can fill this missing link and help printers to do it at a low cost with cloud hosting.  In cloud hosting, the printers does not need to invest in expensive hardware servers catering for redundancy and subscribe to high bandwidth fixed costs leading to expensive cost of operation.


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